For our projects (music productions) we attach great value to collaborations with passionate singer/songwriters/artists. We strongly believe in the strenght of these collabs, it can bring the final product to a great height because of the diversity of creative perspectives. Of course, the rule of thumb here is that we sit on the same musical and emotional level. This cannot be enforced, the music should take care of this in a natural way.

After a long sabbatical we teamed up again to bring Solid Sessions back to life. Our mission is to release electronic dance music and bring our fans some fresh and new Solid Sessions vibes. Hopefully you as a singer/songwriter feel the same when it comes to singing and performing. We would love to blend these ambitions in our songs. We're working on new material and we're always open to new passionate and talented singer/songwriters, both male and female. 

Wanna be part of the team?

In that case don't hesitate to contact us because we produce tracks for mulitiple projects on a regular basis. You can upload and attach an audio file or vocal demo to your message. We would love to hear from you. 

In order to prevent wrong expectations please make sure you meet the following conditions before you leave a message:

- has a strong passion for writing lyrics and singing electronic pop, trance,
   deephouse and EDM songs

- has experience with songwriting, song arrangement and vocal melodies

- wants to be released as a featured artist / vocalist

- is registered with a PRO (Performing Rights Organization) (recommended)

- has an own / has access to a recording facility (recommended)

CVM has a fair policy regarding royalty splits and has also connections with several respected labels and distributors.